STAT 461/561

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Stat461/561: Statistical Inference by Jiahua Chen ESB 3136.

Course Outline

Final Exam Period Office Hours: Friday 15: 9:30-11:00am Review Session at ESB4192.
                                                     Thursday 14: 10:00-11:00. ESB3136 Questions are welcome.

Office Hour of TA: Thursday 2:00-3:00pm held in ESB 3174.

                                               Friday 11:00-12:00pm held in ESB 3174.

Here is the lecture notes we will use this term:  Notes

Here are the assignment problems:
  Assignment1: Due Date Jan 15 in class(Well done). Solution is here.
          Assignment2: Due Date Jan 22 in class. Solution.
        Assignment3 : Due Date Jan 29 in class. Solution.
        Assignment4 : Due Date Feb  5 in class. (Make the size of tests 5% in Q2). Solution.
        Assignment5 : Due date Feb 12 in class. (Postpone to Feb 22). Solution.
        Assignment6 : Due March 4 in class. Solution
        Dataset and story of Cuckoo (Dataset has been revised slightly to ensure direct usage: credit to Grace)

        Assignment7: Due March 11 in class. 
The deadline for parts (iii) and (iv) of question 2 has been extended till Monday, March 14. Other questions for this assignment are still due Friday, March 11.
        Assignment8: Due March 18 in class. (Q1.b) Solution
        Assignment9: Due April 1 in class. (Q1: consider two-sided test; Q2: Using asymptotic normality to compute the p-value of the Wicoxison test is what I meant for "CLT).
        Assignment10: Due April 1 in class
                               (Yes, the due dates are the same, because of Good Friday. Not a joke).
                               There will be no hand-in Assignment 11. Sample final will be posted later.

       Code for EJ-CR is here.
        2015 Midterm problems and solutions(to be added).
        2015 Midterm (This is the real one; the other one would be too tough).
                               Do not download solutions until you have tried them.

     2015 Final Problems.(2015 Final Solutions)  2014 Final Problems

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