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Welcome to the web page for the course Stat 335, which covers topics on Statistics in Quality Assurance. Included on these pages are some notes for the course, information about assessment and other useful resources.
There will be an office hour for the course each week, in LSK 312 on Fridays at 10am. If you are unable to make this time slot, please email Dr. Dunham at the address below to arrange an appointment should you require one.

Important announcements will be made via this page when necessary, so it is expected that you check this page at least once a week. Key details about the scheduling of the course, as well as the  assessment and lecture content, are found under the "information" link below. Note that many of the documents included here are in pdf files, and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

NOTICE: To access the forum, your username is the first eight characters of the your name (including middle name if applicable, and not case sensitive), the password is S followed by the first seven digits of your student number.

NOTICE: Details of the examination paper, including solutions and feedback, are on the "assessment" page.

It is hoped you enjoyed the course, and find the learning outcomes valuable to you in the future.

Please check the "Assessment" page for details about the assessment regulations. Take particular note of the regulations relating to the midterm test and final examination, especially the calculator restriction. 

Dr. Bruce Dunham
Department of Statistics
Office: LSK 322
Below are the learning outcomes for the course. Please review these regularly, and in particular after the completion of each chapter of material.
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