STAT 100

FINAL EXAM: 3:30-6:00, Thursday April 28th, LSK 201

The exam will test understanding and ability to apply the main ideas of the course. 
The six modules will be equally weighted on the exam.

You may bring one double-sided sheet of notes (i.e., 2 pages) and a simple calculator to the exam.

Each module instructor will post some sample exam questions on the module website.

Please be reminded that the exam carries 48% weight in the course grade, but that you must pass the exam in order to pass the course.


Gustafson (Tues. 26th, 9:30-10:30, LSK 326): module 1 and 4 questions, assignment pick-up

All five instructors (Wed. 27th, 11-12, LSK 301): one-stop shopping for questions from any modules,
assignment pick-up.

We will bring all unclaimed assignments to the final exam for pick up.  It is unlikely that assignments 5 and 6 will be graded in time for pick-up before the office hours mentioned above.

Here is the guide to the course:
As well, here are the assessment regulations:

STAT 100 uses iClickers. These allow students to respond to in-class questions, and are hoped to make the lectures more interactive and participatory.   If you don't have an iClicker already, you will need to purchase one (available at the bookstore, approximately $40).  You will need to register your iClicker online (instructions below).  We will start using iClickers in the second week of class, i.e., the Jan 11th lecture. 

INSTRUCTIONS FOR WEBCT VISTA REGISTRATION: Please register your clicker through the WebCT Vista course website (  On the home page, you will find an i>Clicker Registration icon.  Click on this icon to access the registration form.  Type in your Remote ID.  The remote ID is the series of numbers and sometimes letters found on the bottom of the back of your i>clicker remote. i>clicker will be used every day in class, and you are responsible for bringing your remote daily.

Has your iClicker ID worn off? If so, you can drop by the following help desk to retrieve it: Chapman Learning Commons,3rd floor of the Irving K Barber Learning Centre.

General information about iClickers at UBC:
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