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Welcome to the homepage of STAT 241/251 for the academic year of 2009/2010 winter term 1.  This page contains links to all of the important course material.  Make sure to check this website regularily as the majority of the course material will appear here.

*** Copies of old exams with solutions will be sold in LSK 312 on FRIDAY Dec. 4th from 12:00-12:30 and 2:00-2:30, as well as on MONDAY Dec. 7th from 10:00-10:30 and 12:00-12:30.  These are the ONLY times you will be able to purchase an old exam package, so make sure to pick one up at the times listed above if you with to get them. ***

Course Outline for Stat 251

Schedule of Topics

Dates Lectures Labs
Sept. 9-11 Chapters 1, 2 No Labs
Sept. 14-18 Chapter 3 Introduction to R (Lab1)
Sept. 21-25 Chapter 3 Descriptive Statistics (Lab2)
Sept. 28-Oct.2 Chapter 4 Descriptive Statistics and
Probability in R (Lab3) 
Oct. 5-9 Chapter 4 Probability, Random Variables
and Expectations of Casino Games 
Oct. 12-16 No Class Monday 12th
Chapter 4
Labs cancelled for the week
Oct. 19-23 Chapters 5, 6 Lab on Control Charts 
Oct. 26-30 Chapters 6, 7 Exercises based on chapter 4/5 
Nov. 2-6 Midterm Monday
Chapter 7, 8
Labs cancelled this week
Nov. 9-13 No Class Wednesday 11th
Chapter 8
Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis
Tests using R 
Nov. 16-20 Chapters 8 Review of Hypothesis testing
Nov. 23-27 Chapter 10 ANOVA in R 
Nov. 30-Dec.4 Chapter 11
Last Week of Lectures
No Labs this week 

Instructor Information

Mike Marin
Office - LSK 374
Office hours - I will hold all office hours by appointment.  In the past I have found that not many students come to office hours as they are not convenient, and I end up seeing most students on individual appointments anyway.  Just send me and email or speak with me in class and we can arrange a time...I’m fairly accomodating.  During exam times, extra office hours will be held by me as well as the TAs.

Brief Course Description

* Descriptive Statistics (CH #1/2)
* Probability and probability models (CH #3)
* Random variables and distributions (CH #4-6)
* Central limit theorem (CH #7)
* Statistical estimation and hypothesis testing (CH #8)
* Analysis of variance (CH #10)
* Selected topics from regression analysis (CH #11)

Course Assesment

Labs - 5%
Assignments - 15%
Midterm Exam - 30%
Final Exam - 50% (must pass the final exam to pass the course)

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