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There are three sections this term. Materials that are common to all sections will be posted on this main page. The instructors also have individual pages for their own sections. For materials specific to your own section, please refer to your section’s page.

Here is the link to the post-course survey.   The deadline for the completion of the survey is the (end of) Monday December 7th.   Recall that you earn 1% of your grade for completion of this survey (like you earned 1% for completion of the pre-course survey).

*** week of Nov. 30-Dec 4 ***
usual workshop/office hour schedule:
workshop: Tues 10-11, Fri 3-4 (LSK 301)
office hours: Mon 4-5, Tues 3-4, Wed 9-10, Th 10-11, Fri 4-5 (LSK 312)
plus all lab sections converted to office hours (in the lab, students may attend any they wish - not limited to registered section): Mon 10-11 & 3-4,  Tues 12-1 & 2-3, Wed 11-12,  Thurs 11-12, Fri 9-10, 2-3, 3-4.
*** Monday December 7 ***
instructors: 9:30-11 and 11:30-1, LSK 301.
TAs 3-4 (in lab), 4-5 (in LSK 312)

H1N1 Announcements (please check this page regularly, updated on Nov 9)

General Announcements
Nov 21:
Assignment 3 solution key has been posted.

Nov 9:
Should you wish to appeal your grade for the midterm and assignment 2, you need to put it in writing. For more detail, please refer to the assessment regulation document.  Please make sure you check the solution key first.

Deadline for grade appeal:
- Fri Nov 20 for midterm
- Fri Nov 27 for assignment 2

Nov 1:
The final exam has been schedule for Tue Dec 8, 12pm. If you have an exam conflict or hardship that involves the STAT 200 final exam, please contact your instructor as soon as possible.

Materials common to all sections:

Course Information




Suggested Exercises

Office Hours and Workshops

Important information that students should read:

Learning Outcomes

Assessment Regulations


UBC Statistics Learning Attitude about Science Survey

A small part of the assessment for the course is awarded for the completion of an on-line survey. This should be completed both at the start and the end of the course. Participation is voluntary. The deadline for the first completion is Wed Sep 16, 2009.

The aim is to gauge students’ attitudes towards Statistics prior to the course and how these attitudes change, if at all, during the course. The survey consists of a sequence of statements relating to the discipline, and you are requested to indicate your support for each statement on a scale of 1 to 5. There are no correct or incorrect responses, and we trust you will answer honestly after giving each item due consideration.

The link to the post-course on-line survey will be posted when we get near the end of term.

Individual instructors’ pages:

Yu-Ling Tsai's sections (101: 8am and 103: 2pm)

Paul Gustafson’s section (102: 11am)

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