Course Information

Sections 101 and 102 - Eugenia Yu
Office: LSK 372

Section 103 - Ehsan Karim
Office: LSK 314 E

Please include the keyword "STAT 200" in the subject line while emailing instructors.


  • Period: Sep 2 to Nov 28, 2008
  • Time - MWF 8-9am (Sec 101), 11am-12pm (Sec 102), 2-3pm (Sec 103)
  • Location - LSK 201


  • Sections L1A-L1Q
  • Location - please refer to SSC


  • Wed 12-1 and Fri 3-4 in LSK 301
  • This will be weekly drop-in workshops (2 sessions per week) throughout the term where students gather to discuss class materials and work on problems as a group. The workshop will be staffed by Eugenia or Ehsan. This activity is entirely optional. Students interested in coming need not stay for the whole hour. They may drop by at any time they feel like. Please note that students will *not* be evaluated based on their participation and performance in the workshop.

Course Description
:  Classical, nonparametric and robust inferences about means, variances, and analysis of variance, using computers. Emphasis on problem formulation, assumptions, and interpretation.

: This course provides the basic statistical toolkit required for the understanding and use of a range of methods for both summarizing and analysing data, giving a platform for further study of applied Statistics. The emphasis in the course will be the application of these methods to real life situations from Science.

One of MATH 101, 103, 105, 120 or equivalent.

: Moore, D.S. and McCabe, G.P. (2009): An Introduction to the Practice of Statistics (6th edition). Freeman.  It would be fine to use the 5th edition of the text. However, we will assign reading and suggested exercises based on the 6th edition. We may not provide correspondence between page and question numbers between the two editions. You may find a copy of both editions in the library for private loan (loan period is 2 hours).

Course Evaluation:




On-line attitude survey

pre and post course


Class participation via i>clicker in-class 3%

Assignments (3)

Sep 30, Oct 30, Nov 28

4% each 

Labs weekly 8%

Midterms (2)

Wed Oct 15
Fri Nov 14

17.5% each

Final Exam
(you must pass the final to pass the course)

Wed Dec 10, 3:30 in OSBO A


Policy regarding missing the midterm or final exam:

1. There will be NO make-up exam!
2. Students who misses an exam should notify the instructor prior to (if possible) or immediately after the exam. Students must supply a supporting document (for example, a doctor’s note will be sufficient in case of a medical emergency) within one week of the day of exam. Documents submitted after one week time will NOT be accepted and a mark of zero will be given.

Chapters to be covered

Chapter 1: Looking at Data -  Distributions
Chapter 2: Looking at Data - Relationships 
Chapter 3: Producing Data
Chapter 4: Probability: The Study of Randomness 
Chapter 5: Sampling Distributions 
Chapter 6: Introduction to Inference
Chapter 7: Inference for Distributions 
Chapter 9: Analysis of Two-Way Tables
Chapter 10: Inference for Regression
Chapter 12: One-Way Analysis of Variance 
Chapter 8: Inference for Proportions (if time permits)


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