Problem Set 6

due Wednesday, Nov 28 (changed!)
Marked out of 15=6 (question 2) + 4 (question 4) + 5 (question 5)
Solutions will be posted soon.

Problem Set 5

due Monday, November 19.
Marked out of 15=5+5+5 for questions 2,3,4.
Note: in question 2, for many students, one mark was taken out for doing F-test for blocks and not mentioning that the randomization scheme doesn't allow us to test the block effect formally. Only exploratory investigations are allowed for block effects.

Problem Set 4

Due Monday, November 5. (changed from Oct 22)

Problem Set 3

Due Wednesday, Oct 10
Questions 1b and 3 cancelled! Only do 1a, 2 and 4. If you have already solved question 1b, you can sobmit it for a little extra credit.
(it turns out there's an arithmetical error, probably a data entry error, in the solution for question 4. Actual p-value for the global F-test should be 0.007 and the estimate for sigma_tau is 44.64)
Marked out of 15=5+5+5. Additional questions in Q4 have mostly been ignored when marking.

Problem Set 2

Due  Monday, Oct 1
Marked out of 15: 3+3+5+2+2.

Problem Set 1

Due: September 19.
Marked out of 18: 12 for problem 1, and 6 for problem 4.

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